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Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter 2.5GS/s 4 Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope
Fluke 190-204 image-102813
Fluke 190-204 image-102814
Fluke 190-204 image-116615
Fluke 190-204 image-116616
Fluke 190-204 image-116617
Fluke 190-204 image-116618
Fluke 190-204 image-116619
Fluke 190-204 image-116620

Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter 2.5GS/s 4 Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope

ScopeMeter 2.5GS/s 4 Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope


Kit includes the following:

(Qty:1) VP410-II Gray Probe Set: 10:1, 300 MHz  

(Qty:1) VP410-II Blue Probe Set: 10:1, 300 MHz

(Qty:1) VP410-II Red Probe Set: 10:1, 300 MHz

(Qty:1) VP410-II Green Probe Set: 10:1, 500 MHz

(Qty:1) Power Adapter

(Qty:1) Carrying Case

(Qty:1) Power Cord 


Bandwidth: 200 MHz
Number of channels: 200 MHz: 4 channels
Real-time sample rate: 2.5 GS/s
Inputs: 4 scope plus DMM input
Independently floating isolated inputs: Up to 1000 V CAT III/600 V CAT IV between inputs, references and ground
Timebase range: 2 ns - 2 min/div
Input sensitivity: 2 mV-100 V/div
Trigger types: Connect-and-View™, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Delay, Dual Slope, Video, Video Line, Selectable pulse width, N-Cycle
Trigger source: Any scope input channel
Glitch capture: 8 ns
Scope measurements Cursor: 7
Automatic: 30
Maximum record length: ScopeRecord mode: 30,000 pts
Scope mode: 10,000 pts per input
Persistence: Digital persistence giving analog oscilloscope-like waveform decay
Waveform compare: Waveform reference with automatic Pass/Fail testing




No Access No Accessories
Model 190-204
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Image Model ID Condition options Price
190-204 415860275 $2,750.00
190-204 415860272 $2,750.00
190-204 415860274 $2,750.00
190-204 415860273 $2,750.00
190-204 415626616 Used No Access $1,950.00

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