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EIP 1230A (EIP) EIP 1230A Pulsed Microwave Frequency Counter 26.5GHz, VXI Module 0
Aerotech PRO115 (Aerotech) Motorized Linear Positioning Stage w/ BMS60 Brushless Servo Motor 1 $495.00
Grass Instruments S88 (Grass Instruments) Dual Function Pulse Stimulator Generator 1 $175.00
MIL-RAM TA-2100 (MIL-RAM) Smarter Transmitter LCD Readout Display 4 $95.00
Laird LTM-FFP (Laird) Portable DV Media Converter 2 $195.00
Gould Classic 6000 (Gould) Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200 MHz 1
Maury Microwave MT986A02B (Maury Microwave) Automated Tuner Controller 1
Oxford Instruments ILM211s (Oxford Instruments) Intelligent Helium Nitrogen Level Meter 1
Gould DSO465 (Gould) 100 MHz Oscilloscope 200Ms/Sec 1
daihen Corporation MFM-20SA2 (daihen Corporation) RF Automatic Matching Unit RF Match Tuner 380kHz 2kW 1
Ametek 601 (Ametek) Jofra Temperature Calibrator 1
3M 589 (3M) Overhead Portable Projector With Case 1
Nilstat 5024e (Nilstat) Static Controller Ion Systems 1 $79.99
National Instruments VXI-MXI REV D9 (National Instruments) VXI-MXI C-Size Interface Module 1 $195.00
Canon BH8-1054-01 (Canon) LD Drive PCB Assembly Board w/ Motor BG9-4660 8 $195.00
HP - Agilent - Keysight A2241B/382 (HP - Agilent - Keysight) Controller Computer System 1
Racal Instruments 407685 (Racal Instruments) Durability Load Module 3 $195.00
General Electric 5KCP39MFS303BS (General Electric) Condenser Fan Motor 1/4 HP 400-460v 1 $195.00
Gould ACQ-16 (Gould) Acquisition Interface System Configuration J02969 2 $45.00
Medical Associates SG-6080C (Medical Associates) Small Tabletop Cabinet and Power Supply 8 $195.00
web view 1-20 of 24,057    Page of 1203