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Lindberg/Blue M GI100A (Lindberg/Blue M) Gravity Convection Incubator 5°C Above Ambbient to +65°C 1
Thermo Forma 3033 (Thermo Forma) Steri-Cult 200 Co2 Incubator 1
Trimble 572204270 (Trimble) Battery for Trimble Focus 10, Geodimeter 5600 1
3M 022-00-03 (3M) Breathe Easy Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator 16
Besseler Printmaker 35 (Besseler) Enlarger Lamp House for 6 x 7 Enlarger 1
Symmetricom 5071A (Symmetricom) Primary Frequency Standard 1
Wild Heerbrugg Wild T2 (Wild Heerbrugg) Surveying Transit Theodolite Vintage 1
Cooper Cleco TME-111-15-U (Cooper Cleco) TM100 Series Tightening Fastening Manager, 1PH 115V 50/60HZ 1
Everest VIT XLG3 (Everest VIT) 6mm/18m Videoscope Flaw Detector NDT Everest VIT Iplex 1
Wavetek 183 (Wavetek) 5MHz XCG/Sweep Generator 1
Yokogawa OR100 (Yokogawa) Handy Oscillographic Recorder OR141-2 2
Precision Rated Optics PM-204A (Precision Rated Optics) PM-204A Optical Power Meter (-70 ~ +10dBm) 0
Precision Rated Optics LS-201Q (Precision Rated Optics) PRO LS-201Q Light Source SM/MM (QUAD) 0
HP - Agilent - Keysight N1300A (HP - Agilent - Keysight) Keysight N1300A CMU Cable for B1500 0
HP - Agilent - Keysight B1500-66505 (HP - Agilent - Keysight) HP - Agilent - Keysight B1500-66505 Measurement Card 0
Intermec Lot of 86 CK61NI (Intermec) Handheld Wireless Barcode Scanner 2
California Instruments FCS18-3PT-MODE (California Instruments) California Instruments FCS Series Power Test Equipment | FCS18-3PT-MODE 0
Yokogawa MV112-1-2-1D (Yokogawa) MV100 MobileCorder Portable Chart Recorder 1
Wayne Kerr PSH-6018 (Wayne Kerr) 60V, 18A, 1.08kW DC Power Supply 2
National Instruments PXI-4224 (National Instruments) 16-Bit, 8-Channel, 200 kS/s, ±10 V Isolated PXI Analog Input Module 1
web view 1-20 of 21,664    Page of 1084