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Lemo FFA.0S.304.CLAC37 (Lemo) Circular Push Pull Connector FFA STRT SOLDER PLUG 0
RCT RDS-SR026 (RCT) SMA Switch 8.2Vdc 1
ace technology ARS-BPR-01N (ace technology) RF Coaxial Switch 1
MECA 802-S-1.900-M01 (MECA) RF Power Divider / Combiner 2
Anritsu MHL70830A (Anritsu) Splitter / Connector 1
Q-Bit Corporation QBH-9-183 (Q-Bit Corporation) RF Amplifier 15 Vdc 1
Wainwright WHK3000-12SS (Wainwright) Coaxial RF Microwave Low-Pass Filter 1
ARRA 4194-30 (ARRA) 2.0 to 4.0 GHz, 30 dB, Miniature Stripline Directional Coupler 1
MECA 780-20-6.000 (MECA) Directional Coupler, 4.0-8.0 GHz 20dBb 1
ARRA 2-3484-12F (ARRA) High Power Variable Attenuator, 50W, 12dB, 0.925 - 1.225GHz 2
Pulsar X1M-10-414 (Pulsar) Triple Balanced Mixer 1
Trak 20A3481 (Trak) RF Microwave Isolator Circulator 2
Alan 50SP8-1832 (Alan) Fixed Attenuator Sma 30 MHz-1GHz 1
Wainwright WHKS1800-5SS (Wainwright) Coaxial RF Microwave Low-Pass Filter 1
Tektronix 065-0649-00 (Tektronix) 4.75" LCD Display 10
Aeroflex FB100A (Aeroflex) Aeroflex IFR FB100A Bit Error Rate Test Set 0
Aeroflex PN9500 (Aeroflex) Aeroflex PN9500 Phase Noise Test System w/ Digital Spectrum Monitoring, 2MHz-140Ghz 0
Mica T-101S11 (Mica) Microwave/ RF Isolator, SMA 1
Trak 60A2601 (Trak) RF/ Microwave Isolator 6000-18000 MHz 1
Wiltron 73N50 (Wiltron) RF Detector 100kHz to 4GHz 1
web view 1-20 of 21,362    Page of 1069